PLEASE NOTE: We will provide 10 free filters valued at €2.99 with every mask
Making The Intelligent Mask Choice

TINTO - Protecting you and your family from viruses & everyday pollution
Let's face the facts about masks,

You should always have a mask with you to wear when needed on transport or in crowded places. It's for your protection and those around you, The fact is that the average cloth mask does not offer any protection to the person wearing it or people in your presence.

Why? Because they are simply just a piece of cloth with a fancy design or logo but have no added protection features, they only provide a false sense of "I'm wearing a mask , so I'm ok" Let's face it(excuse the pun).

This is not an intelligent decision for anyone to make for their well-being or for those around you, Why put your health at risk and waste your money buying something multiple times that simply doesn't work? You wouldn't buy a car without an engine or a bike with no wheels and expect it to work,

For consumers, One of the biggest appeal when choosing knitted masks is that they can for reused. However, it is most important required that the knitted masks meets the protection safety standards

Tinto masks are intelligent nano technology preventing airborne dust and moisture droplets from getting in and come with replaceable grade A medical filters preventing droplets from getting out, and Now everyone is protected.

Tinto is the intelligent choice for everyone,

Nano-Tech Functional Wearables, Now That's Clever!

Tinto is made with and by the same Technology that makes waterproof footwear and apparel for brands such as NB, BROOKS, SKECHERS, DECATHLON, SAUCONY, ASICS, PUMA, Adidas, Anta, Jordan,

Tinto Face Mask Design

Ergonomic Design

Three-dimensional weaving flexible lamination

Ergonomic design, three-dimensional weaving, easy Fits the face, leaving enough for the nose and mouth While ventilating the space, wrap the chin to ensure air tightness

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Tinto Face Mask Layers

Tinto Knitted masks meet the national standard FZ/T 73049-2014 "Knitted Masks."

GB 18401-2010 "National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products" (Class A), which can quickly deal with various daily air problems.

Outer Layer

- Use of high-quality PFC-free waterproof yarn

- Effectively blocks external moisture and droplets

- Skin-friendly and breathable

Interlayer (Filter Layer)

- Replaceable sandwich design (replacement filters sold separately)

- Our replacement filters meet Level II Filter Efficiency & Level A Protection

Inner Layer

- Skin-friendly and breathable ice silk layer

- Comfortable to wear over long periods of time

What W.H.O. Recommends/Tinto Provides So Much More

Take a look at what W.H.O. Recommends when choosing a cloth face mask

Now take a look at all the extra features that Tinto offers, Probablly the best cloth mask you will ever wear

Wearing A Mask- It's not just about the Coronavirus

Some shocking facts to consider !

Everyday pollutions and Multiple Everyday germs are highly contagious and spread at 100 miles per hour through a sneeze,

Almost all respiratory viruses & 95% of influenza transmissions are air borne droplets or direct contact,

Take a look at this video to see how other people's germs are contagious to you with a simple sneeze.

It makes sense to wear your mask when in crowded places.

Tinto Face Mask Features

Key Features

- Made from recycled yarn

- Made with nano technology

- Waterproof resistance to external moisture droplets - Dust - & Impurities intrusion.

- 90% biodegradable

- Ice silk Layer Skin friendly breathable technology

- Washable 100 times plus

- Comfortable to wear over long periods of time

- Maximum face coverage

- Filter made from Disposable medical mask material

- One size, ear loops can be tied in a knot to create a snug fit

Which One Are You ?

Don't Protect Your Life At The Cost Of A Million Others

Today, it is estimated that over 129 billion single-use masks are used monthly throughout the globe.

These materials take more or less 450 years to break down The straps are also a threat to wildlife and cause chemical pollution & climate change.

Microplastics from the decomposition process can make their way into the earth’s water systems, where they can release pollutants and toxins, threatening biodiversity and even public health.

Microplastics may enter water sources, be consumed by domesticated animals, and be used for meat and other animal by-products.

Make the right choice for you & our planet
Nano Technology Face Mask

Tinto Face Mask Made with nano technology so they are waterproof to external moisture droplets and also dust impurities, this means you have much better protection compared to all other masks that are not made with nano technology, Tinto has an ice silk layer so it feels comfortable to wear and does not cause irritation to the skin even when worn for long periods of time,

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What Consumer's Want !

For consumers, One of the biggest must have when choosing knitted masks is that they can be reused and Biodegradable so we can be kind to our planet. However, it is most important that the knitted masks meets the protection safety standards & actually provide protection to the wearer and other people around us,

How Is Tinto So Cost Effective

Tinto Face Mask

Tinto can be washed more than 100 times and will not lose its nano-technology feature,

The mask should fit comfortably over the face, without causing irritation or discomfort.

The mask should be able to withstand repeated wear and washing without losing its effectiveness.

No need to purchase ineffective cloth masks or expensive 1 use disposable masks regularly wasting your money,

If you were to wash your Tinto mask every two days, you will get an average of 6 months of usage,

Now that is the most cost-effective & Effective mask protecting you & the planet.

Tinto Face Mask Filter

Wearing a Filter will help stop water droplets becoming air-borne
Meet Level II filter Efficiency & Level A Protection

Made from three combined layers that offer Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99% with excellent breathability.These filters are designed to fit the specific Tinto Face Mask and are latex-free.

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Tinto Face Mask Packaging And Specification

Recycled Yarn

Biodegradable Yarn

Protect You and Planet

Waterproof Resistance

Available Colours:

One size

1 Mask per box With 1 Filter

Usable 100+

Yes 100 + Times

External moisture Droplets, Dust, & Impurities intrusion,


Recycled Yarn :

Yes 90%

Pass GB 18401-2010

(National Textile Product Basic Safety)

Pass FZ/T 73049-2014

(Knitted Fabric Face Mask)

Please Note

This product is suitable for filtering dust, non-oily particles, and blocking droplets in the daily environment, And is not suitable for heavy industrial or medical level protection. This product's outer cover(mask) can be washed at a temperature of 60C & reused. The filter chip is disposable and cannot be washed, The recommended period of wearing the filter is 8 Hours. When respiratory resistance is increased, or it is unsanitary & unstable for further use, please replace the filter. Please pack the used filter element separately to avoid secondary pollution. The earloop is made of elastic fabric. If you feel it tight during wearing, pull it by hand to make it longer. After washing, it will recover to its original size.Do not use it if you have dyspnea.Do not wear while sleeping.

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