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MicroSure Surface Protectant (1000L Tote)

microSURE™ surface protection technology has proven themselves to be highly effective in destroying bacteria which is the virus responsible for pathogens outbreak but also keep check over a wide range of other destructive microorganisms.

Spray on clean surfaces and let dry, No need to sanitise daily, saving time and money. Reapply every 30 days or earlier if needed,

Long lasting & Chem-free Protection

A clean facility is always a necessity for you and your bottom line, but it has now become important than it was ever before. With the ongoing global pandemic situation, every individual has a serious concerned about the risks and precaution against this virus and at the same time, no one wants to take any chances in an unclean office or meeting places where this virus can spread like a fire.

It is always a distracting situation and creates so many potential issues and liability that you just don’t need. We at Microsure assure you and your employees to have great peace of mind with a clean and thoroughly disinfected office spaces ready for you to start working again.

Office disinfecting services and products available at Microsure can provide a long- lasting chem-free protection to your staff and office employees and can turn out to be a crucial weapon to fight against infection and harmful virus’s transmission.

Application Notes

We recommend the use of electrostatic sprayers for large areas. To calculate estimated coverage please refer to your equipment manual. As a rule of thumb we estimate 5 liters of SP should adequately cover 6,000 square feet of surface area, or 557 square meters. Hand pump trigger spray can be used as required for top up treatment of high touch point surfaces.


microSURE Surface Protectant can be used on both hard and soft materials. Our product is approved by Boeing for use on all their aircraft, so you can rest assured we meet the highest transport safety and cosmetic standards.

Key Features

Advanced formula.




Extended protection.

Guards against infection.

Helps reduce the spread of harmful pathogens that have the potential to cause disease.


We can use our revolutionary new Surface protectant products and sanitizers on both hard and soft nature surfaces.

Making the World a better place to live.

microSURE™ products differ from a regular disinfectant.

At microSURE™ We have created a surface protection technology that is beyond the traditional short term chemical approach that is available in the market.

When you a coat a surface with microSURE™, millions of nanosomic crystalline-like structures begin to form and bond with the surface, forming a new surface that is hostile to the cells of any bio-threat.

This unique mechanically changed surface prevents adhesion, disrupts microbial communication and prohibits colonization, reproduction and propagation.

Microbes that come in contact with a microSURE™ changed surface, exhaust themselves, weaken and die.

Unlike traditional disinfectants, which fades with a day, microSURE™ stays in place longer after and you can apply after every 90 Days or earlier for a complete long lasting protection.

BIO protection - new surface layer

The instant any germ, including the novel pathogens (bacteria), comes into contact with any square inch of your space or your fingers, will get absolutely and utterly ANNIHILATED!

Revolutionary, you say?

No, just 15 years of development, & a group of people working hard - on a solution to a problem, we all happen to face now.
It’s time to take the kingdom back!

Or do you want to stay closed?

In the clinical setting we are using copious amounts of PPE and dangerous chemicals to disinfect an effort to mitigate transmission risk. We know touch transmission in the environment is also a serious threat. So how do we protect ourselves and society against this risk.

Microsure Works With Trusted Brands

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