Privacy Policy

Medcare & PPE is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the safety of any personal data or information received from you. We adhere strictly to the needs of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The primary purpose of this policy is to explicate to you what personal data we collect, how we may use it, your rights over it, how we keep it secure, how we report thereon, and the way to complain about our use of it.

One should read this Privacy Policy in association with our Terms and Conditions and processing Addendum.

Your rights are under the GDPR which include:

Right to approach information
you’re allowed to a copy of your personal data, which is free from charge

Right to limit your processing
Certain circumstances may call for some or all the regulation of use

Right to reform
you’re allowed to make sure any data held is accurate

Right to erasure
under various circumstances you may request your data is withdrawn (known because the “right to be forgotten”)

Right to data portability
you’re allowed to a copy of your data during a universal electronic format

Right to object to computerised decision-making
under various circumstances, you may request that your data will not be used to make automated decisions about you that would have juridical consequences

Right to complain
you may lodge a complaint with the ICO

How we manage your personal information

When an initial order is placed by you, we gather all the required information that allows us to process and fulfil your order, which includes:

Name, Email Address, Billing Address, phone number, VAT license number (when needed)
We may collect some additional information so as to compliant with the GDPR and EU Rules regulating the availability of digital Service, including your:
IP Address, Host name, Device Used, Date and Time and Country Location.
You have every right to conceal any personal information that’s not required for the order process, but we will need your approval to our Terms and Conditions to provide you with our services.

We work on the private data which is collected to notify you of your orders and to contact with you in regard to all matters relating on to our services, until our services get expire.
We may drop you updates of our products and services from time to time and we’ll only contact you if we will require any of your explicit consent.
We will never sell, rent, share, or exchange your any of your personal with any third-party individual for commercial reasons, we only share a part of your personal data with an organisation, agency, or regulatory body if they force us to do so by law.
We will collect no sensitive information about you and your belongings.
You can always enquire us regarding any personal information we have free of cost in order to make sure about the accuracy of the info, you can check, verify, update, change, or delete personal information by signing into your Medcare Account. you can also contact us directly.

How we use third parties to store and process your information

We use various third-party organisations to process your personal data only if we require it to deliver our services, maintain records for regulatory and taxation purposes or to keep your personal information secure.
Any subprocesses engaged within the private information is always required to be GDPR compliant.
When your personal data is transferred outside of the EEA (European Economic Area), some special protections are required, whereas Certain agencies require access to your personal data for various implementation such as a bank or card processing agency that may need to verify your personal information for authorisation outside the EEA.
We will keep your personal data for as long as it is important to provide the services agreed with you. Whereas other information, such as order data, which can be kept for altering periods of your time. Legal requirements will influence how long it requires us to keep certain sorts of data, which includes.

Employment Law Taxation Laws Administrative Law Value Added Tax Laws
If no legal requirements are present, personal data will be retained as long as is important to serve you with our agreed services. Information will be erased if you withdraw any consent for being processed or held and request if it’s erased, except when any data is required for Statutory, Statistical and Historic purposes. During retention period, the necessity to keep identified data is will be reviewed from time to time. We will consider again about the type of knowledge and its processing purposes and whether there are lawful grounds for its continued processing. Outdated information will be archived. Post Expiration of the applicable data retention period, we will never erase if it suffices to anonymise the info and can be achieved in order to:

Removal of any unique identifier which enables the allocation of particular data to a private person
Removal of single pieces of private data that identify a private person
Separation of private data from any non-identifying information, such as an order number from a Client’s name and address
Accumulation of private data during a way that no allocation to a person is workable
If we have observed no fixed retention period, because of the limited amount of private data, we’ll make sure the standards require determining the rationale for retention of any important data as per user request.
How safety of your personal information is maintained
We follow some strict security processes within the disclosure and storage of data that is with us to stop unauthorised access under the EU GDPR.
All your credentials are encrypted and should be automatically generated by our system. We recommend that you simply use strong Passwords to access both your Medcare Account and your Admin panel to alter them regularly.

How to contact us

If you’ve questions on privacy or about any aspect regarding your personal information, you are free to contact us by email at, by telephone on 353896007637, or via our website:

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