WHO advised countries to maintain a healthier world after COVID-19

Ongoing COVID-19 has already done a lot of damage to our societies and some people were hit harder than others, totally disrupting the existing inequities in health and welfare within and between countries. WHO is therefore issuing five urgent and most important calls to improve health and wellbeing for the nation.

Illness and death from COVID-19 throughout the countries have been higher among the groups of peoples who are facing social discrimination and exclusion, poverty, and adverse daily living and working conditions such as crises. It has been estimated that around 119 to 124 million people went on to a stage of extreme poverty last year and there is still no convincing evidence about the widened gender gaps in employments since many women also lost their jobs over the past 12 months.

These major differences in living conditions, health services, and access to power, money and resources of the local individuals are still unsolved which as a result has recorded increasing under-5 mortality rates among children from the poorest households which are now double as compared to children from the richest households. Peoples from low-income countries have mortality rates that are 16 years lower than people in high-income countries. 9 out of 10 deaths which are happening all across the world from occur mostly in low- and middle-income countries.

Countries are giving their best to fight this pandemic, which in turn can help them to build back better, fairer and healthier world by implementing all existing commitments, resolutions, and agreements while at the same time focusing on new and bold commitments.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has flourished during the imbalances in our social orders and the holes in our wellbeing frameworks,” says Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “It is highly important for all administrations to put resources into fortifying their wellbeing administrations and to eliminate the hindrances that forestall such countless individuals from utilizing them, so more individuals get the opportunity to carry on with sound lives.”

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