MICROSURE destroys SARS-CoV-2 & creates a Long term Surface protection.

Testing & Certification

Texas A&M

When analyzing the outcomes of each MICROSURE ™ solution and their effects on the murine coronavirus, it is evident that none of the solutions have fallen short of success, even the solution without any added chemicals. At each coronavirus experiment, MICROSURE ™ solutions have demonstrated a statistically significant result in terms of virus inactivation. For this study, the solutions were able to successfully eradicate 100% of the tested coronavirus within 1 minute when active ingredients were present and in under one hour without any added chemicals.

Not only were the solutions effective almost immediately but each of the tested solutions continued to protect and remain biocidal throughout the 30-day test period, further proving that the nanom olecular silicon dioxide structures that are formed remain intact and continue to protect long after it has dried on the surface.

Citation: 1.
University of Liverpool

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas – Test method and requirements: BS EN 1276: 200.

Based on the results found in each of the three separate studies performed by researchers at The University of Liverpool, all three outcomes proved that the 8-Hour Defense Hand Sanitizer is indeed bactericidal when used to combat against the sample test organisms, meaning that the antimicrobial hand solution successfully killed the mentioned harmful bacteria on initial contact no matter the condition, rendering the bacteria as harmless.

A critical point to note is that upon delivery of all test results from The University of Liverpool, Both MICROSURE All Purpose Disinfectant and 8-Hour Defense Hand Sanitizer were found to be ‘chemically inert. and HARMLESS TO HUMANS.

University of Georgia

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV – 2) is the virus responsible for causing coronavirus disease 19 (COVID – 19), a disease that continues to be the main topic of discussion throughout the world. Currently, there are several companies that claim to be effective against SARS CoV – 2 however few if any have ever actually tested their products directly against the virus itself.

In June of 2020, Strategia Project Management Inc. conducted direct SARS CoV – 2 testing in conjunction with its MICROSURE product line at The University of Georgia (“UGA”). On July 22, 2020 test results from the initial studie were released and the results are summarized below. Also, based on the initial findings, further longevity testing under the direction of Dr. Mark Tompkins at UGA is on-going.

“The virucidal activity of MICROSURE Surface Protectant and Hand Sanitizer was found to be biologically relevant, reducing the amount of the infectious virus by at least 99.8%.”

MICROSURE destroys SARS-CoV-2 & creates a Long term Surface protection.

Other Milestones

MICROSURE products are now approved for use on all Boeing aircraft under BSS7434 the up to date standard. You can download a copy here.


SATISFACTION shall be YOURS, as well...


Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Our oral surgery practice was introduced to MICROSURE towards the beginning of the pandemic and we happily adopted the technology. We have been using the hand sanitizer and surface fogger on a regular basis and it has provided another level of security to our team and our patients. With the hand sanitizer we feel safer and more confident and we like having that extra barrier of protection in addition to the use of our current PPE. Because the product stays active throughout the day, even after hand washing, we have more peace of mind that we can provide a safe environment for our patients. The surface fogger is easy to use and provides another level of security for our high tough and traffic areas. Knowing that our surfaces can be free of virus gives us great confidence in our ability to provide a clean and safe work environment for patients.

Ben Johnson, DMD PNWOMS

Board Certified American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons .


Dear Potential Consumer, I am a practicing oral surgeon in Los Angeles County California. I started using MICROSURE Surface product at the outset of the Pandemic. We were happy with the ease of use and the perceived protection. My patients also were relieved with the assurance that my office was adhering to the most up to date technology.

The hand sanitizer my staff and I use daily and gives me more confidence in avoidance of the COVID virus.

I recommend use of these products without reservation.


John L Lytle MD, DDS

Desert Maxillofacial Center

In March 2020, we were forced to cancel all elective procedures, providing only emergency care. Fortunately for our office, we were prepared with gowns, N95 masks and face shields. While these items provided personal protection, we needed a solution that helped with the overall reduction of viral and bacterial particles in the office. We were introduced to the MICROSURE surface protectant by another oral surgery office and quickly moved to acquire the product and application device. The office was deep cleaned, and the surface protectant applied. We provided product information to our staff, and they were all extremely happy that we had chosen to take this extra step to protect everyone entering the office. We are routinely asked about the product by patients and their families. It is comforting to know that the company has taken the time to submit the product for third party evaluation, and the results for disinfection have been better than anyone could have expected.

Following this initial application, we began using the product to support our personal protective equipment. We routinely spray masks and gowns with MICROSURE to assist in their disinfection.

We believe that the product is helping optimize the performance of masks against the COVID virus.

We also have initiated the use of MICROSURE 8-hour hand sanitizer for our staff. All staff are required to coat the exposed areas of the hands and arms upon arriving at the office for the workday. We believe this base application provides another layer of protection against inadvertent transmission of the COVID virus.

What are the results? With over a half year of using these MICROSURE products, we have had no cases of COVID transmission in our office. Our staff has gained the confidence to use appropriate PPE, physical barriers and microSURE product to treat oral surgery patients effectively and safely, without fear of disease transmission.

Additionally, as an employer, I have earned the trust and respect of my employees, in that I am willing to go the extra mile and protect their health and families. In an amazing way, it has made my office staff a more effective and higher performing team.

Bottom Line: MICROSURE products provide a cost effective, predictable, and easy to use solution for viral and bacterial disinfection. The product is supported in scientific literature and is well designed. Any business which requires this type of protection, should be applying microSURE!!!

Milan J Jugan DMD
Owner, Desert Maxillofacial Center

Memory Care America

“ The Coronavirus changed us all. The last four months every media outlet discussed this pandemic 24 hours a day. Every day, they spent an inordinate amount of time on a demographic group usually forgotten. The media has coined a phrase “the most vulnerable”:

Those over 60 – Those with lung disease – Those with heart disease – Those with diabetes – Those with compromised immune systems.

I fall into two of those as I just had my 60 th birthday (June 29th) plus I have heart disease (my dad died at age 48) plus my business, Clearday, provides Care and Wellness services and products to this age group. My company was the first of its type to use MICROSURE. We serve and care for the “most vulnerable.”

This is how, why and what MICROSURE has done for Clearday.

Clearday owns a company called Memory Care America (MCA), and we have residential communities around the Southwest and Southeast United States. We take care of folks who have dementia and/or Parkinson’s Disease.

Our customers, the family of a person with dementia, do not wake up in the morning and say. . .”I am going to move Mom out of the family home. . . I am going to spend her life savings! I am going to trust a stranger with my loved one!” Plus, during the pandemic, the press was very hard on residential care communities. We had the cards stacked against us! We found MICROSURE ! We bought and applied MICROSURE, and our story changed.

June 2020, our key operations leader came to me and was concerned about the opening of America. She was nervous about our employees and how they may handle freedom after 90 days with “stay at home” orders! We put the word out for solutions among our financial advisors.

microSURE was introduced to us after our Care professionals and physical plant leader all agreed we should consider this to make our communities the “safest in town.” The team liked the following points:

– Long lasting

– Mechanical kill vs. Chemical kill

– Safe

– Easy to Apply

So, has MICROSURE worked for Memory Care America? In our teams’ minds YES. Here is what we know. Since June, despite 19 (out of 300 employees) having Corona, no residents have been diagnosed or tested positive for COVID – 19, and there have been no deaths from the Coronavirus. This is a huge victory for us.

The “curve” at Memory Care is flat, and the goal is to protect all of our families, residents and employees.

Jim Walesa
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