MicroSure Hand & Skin Protectant (60 ml)
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Hand & Skin Protectant (60 ml)

hand & skin protectant

Our hand & skin protectant is entirely free from harmful chemicals , free from alcohol, free from fragrance, and non- toxic. Wash your hands with soap and water, dry, and apply.

15 years bringing you an Advanced Formula.MicroSURE Helps reduce the spread of harmful pathogens that have the potential to cause disease.

It can also be used in the treatment of with remarkable results

Athlete's Foot
Cracked Skin
Foot Odours

In addition to being bactericidal (meaning it kills bacteria), our solution has also been proven to destroy viruses and eliminate fungus, mold and algae.

Key Features

Advanced formula.




Extended protection.

Guards against infection.

Helps reduce the spread of harmful pathogens that have the potential to cause disease.


When applied to your hands and skin microSURE HSP provides barrier protection against a huge range of harmful pathogens and bacteria.

The revolutionary new formula is completely free from harmful chemicals, free from alcohol, free from fragrance and is also non-toxic.

Plus it provides proven ongoing bio protection for 6 to 8 hours

To extend protection simply re apply as needed.

Microsure Works With Trusted Brands

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