At MicroSURE™, we believe that being green and sustainable shouldn't mean compromising on efficacy. Our market-leading products offer an effective, cost-saving solution, moving away from the use of harmful chemicals on your horses and around your staff.

Our innovative products are at the vanguard of the equine industry, providing revolutionary long-term bio protection that outperforms traditional, chemical-based alternatives. MicroSURE™️ works diligently, creating an environment hostile to harmful pathogens and bacteria while establishing a protective layer that remains active over a sustained period. It's not a temporary solution; instead, it's an enduring shield safeguarding the health and welfare of your horses.

Moreover, MicroSURE™️ products are designed with an eye on the broader implications. They significantly reduce the need for frequent applications, resulting in substantial cost savings over time. No longer do you need to resort to the daily use of harsh and toxic chemicals around your horses or your staff. Instead, you can trust in a solution that prioritizes health, safety, and economic efficiency, all while treading lightly on our planet.

Embrace the future of equine bio protection with MicroSURE™️ – a sustainable, cost-effective, and highly effective solution, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of the equine industry.

Embrace the future of equine biosecurity with MicroSURE™,

A revolutionary, green and sustainable solution.

It's not merely a product; it's a transformative approach to bio protection that everyEquine business should consider. MicroSURE™ delivers not just superior protection for horses and people but also serves as a testament to a responsible and eco-friendly equine industry. More importantly, its long-lasting protection translates into cost-effectiveness, mitigating the continuous expense of daily application of traditional, toxic, and often ineffective products

MicroSURE™ is a paradigm shift in surface technology that surpasses short-lived chemical methods.

Upon application, MicroSURE™ begins an impressive process of transformation. It generates millions of nano-crystalline structures that not just merely adhere, but bond with the surface at a molecular level. This initiates the formation of a mechanically modified surface, which effectively creates a hostile environment for any lurking biothreats. It's an invisible shield that transforms the treated surface into an inhospitable terrain for pathogens.

This new layer acts as a formidable barrier to biothreats, impeding their adhesion and colonization. It disrupts microbial communication, an essential factor in their ability to cause disease, and prevents the proliferation of harmful organisms, inhibiting their growth and reproduction. This sophisticated defense mechanism operates continuously, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring the safety of the environment.

What sets MicroSURE™ apart is its long-lasting effectiveness. Unlike conventional disinfectants that require frequent application, MicroSURE™ continues to shield surfaces long after the initial application. The protective layer can remain active for up to 90 days or earlier if needed, significantly reducing the need for frequent disinfection and making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. This feature offers unparalleled, enduring protection, demonstrating MicroSURE™'s commitment to creating safer spaces for people, animals, and the environment.

By incorporating MicroSURE™ into your regular hygiene practices,

you're ensuring not just cleanliness but a long-lasting safeguard against diseases. Regular application on grooming tools, feed bowls, water buckets, clothing, boots, and even transportation vehicles creates a protective barrier that continuously wards off harmful pathogens, ensuring the health of both horses and their caretakers.

Clear communication about the importance and advantages of MicroSURE™

Communicating clearly and frequently about the importance and advantages of MicroSURE™ is a critical component of your biosecurity protocols. As a green solution, MicroSURE™ is at the forefront of sustainable biosecurity strategies and everyone - from regular staff members to visiting personnel - should be educated about its application and proper usage.

We recommend using our Hand and Skin Protectant as a routine measure for everyone involved in your equine business. Be it the trainers, grooms, veterinarians, visitors, or riders themselves, everyone should be encouraged to use MicroSURE™ regularly, thereby actively contributing to a healthy environment for both horses and humans.

Moreover, an in-depth understanding of MicroSURE™'s Surface Protectant is also essential. All surfaces, from horse stalls to shared equipment and transportation vehicles, should be treated with this protectant to create a hostile environment for pathogens.

The widespread adoption of MicroSURE™ products will not only elevate your yard's hygiene standards but also signal your commitment to sustainable and effective practices in the equine industry.

When it comes to limiting disease transmission through visitor interactions,

MicroSURE™ can be an invaluable ally. Simple protocols, like encouraging visitors to wear clean attire and applying MicroSURE™ upon entry, can significantly enhance your stable's biosecurity. The longevity of MicroSURE™'s protective layer means visitors are safeguarded for longer periods, reducing the risks of transmission. Before, during, and after events, it's crucial to maintain the highest standards of biosecurity. Here too, MicroSURE™ proves its worth.

MicroSURE™️ should be applied to equipment and transportation before leaving for an event and immediately upon returning, to provide long-term bio protection. If your horse was in close contact with others at the event, the application of MicroSURE™️ upon return offers an additional layer of safety, enhancing effective isolation practices.

Horses can contract a variety of diseases from germs on surfaces.

Certain surfaces can harbor germs that pose a risk to horses, potentially leading to various bacterial, viral, or fungal diseases. Many of these diseases can significantly compromise equine health. Below, we illustrate how MicroSURE™️ can be a powerful tool in safeguarding against these threats.

Strangles (Streptococcus equi)

This highly contagious disease can spread via shared water troughs, grooming tools, or tack, causing fever, nasal discharge, and swollen lymph nodes. Regular application of MicroSURE™ Surface Protectant on these common surfaces and items can create a long-lasting barrier against such bacteria.

Equine Herpesvirus (EHV):

EHV can cause respiratory disease, neurological disease, and abortion in mares. While it usually spreads through direct contact, it can also spread via objects or materials, such as buckets or grooming equipment. Applying MicroSURE™ on these surfaces can reduce the chances of transmission.

Equine Influenza

This virus can survive on surfaces for up to 48 hours, causing high fever, coughing, and nasal discharge. Regular application of MicroSURE™ Surface Protectant on all surfaces the horse may come into contact with can help eliminate the virus.


This bacteria can survive in the environment for several weeks, typically found in contaminated feed or water and leading to diarrhea, fever, and colic. Regular use of MicroSURE™ Surface Protectant on feeding equipment can help minimize the risk

Ringworm (Dermatophytosis)

A fungal infection that can be acquired from contaminated equipment, tack, or grooming tools, causing circular, crusty patches on the horse's skin. Regularly applying MicroSURE™ Surface Protectant to these items can help prevent the spread of this fungus.

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

Usually transmitted by biting insects, it can also potentially be spread via contaminated needles or surgical instruments, causing symptoms like fever, anemia, edema, and weight loss. Using MicroSURE™ Hand and Skin Protectant on humans' hands and on horses' skin before and after handling such instruments can provide an extra layer of protection.

Bio Protection for Hooves: MicroSURE™ Battles Thrush

Thrush in horses is caused by the fungal organism Spherophorus neaophorus, which can progressively damage the underside of the hoof, specifically around the frog. The fungus thrives in unsanitary, damp conditions, so standing on a dirty, wet floor often accelerates the infection.

Aiding in the battle against this prevalent equine affliction, MicroSURE™ Hand and Skin Protectant can play a vital role. Before and after tending to your horse's hooves, applying this long-lasting, chem-free bio protection to your horses hooves can help to prevent the spread of this fungal organism.

While managing the hoof's environment and cleanliness remains essential, MicroSURE™ adds an extra layer of defense, supporting the overall hoof health of your horse and providing an innovative, sustainable solution in the fight against thrush.

MicroSURE™'s long-lasting, chem-free bio-protection technology for surfaces and skin provides a shield against these harmful pathogens, promoting overall health in the equine industry.
Mud Fever in Horses: Embrace the Green Solution with MicroSURE™️ Hand and Skin Protectant

Mud fever, often caused by bacteria, is a common affliction among horses during winter months. The moist conditions soften the skin, while continuous exposure to mud causes surface damage. This provides an entry point for bacteria, leading to this troublesome condition.

Traditionally, chemical-based products have been used to address mud fever, but these can often cause discomfort to the horse and contribute negatively to the environment. The need for a safe, effective, and green solution is paramount - and that's where MicroSURE™️ Hand and Skin Protectant comes in.

MicroSURE™️ Hand and Skin Protectant is a revolutionary product that offers a sustainable and highly effective way to combat mud fever. It creates a protective layer on the horse's skin which not only blocks bacteria but also helps to maintain the skin's natural defenses. The product is non-toxic, making it safe to use on your horse's sensitive areas such as the hooves and legs.

Using MicroSURE™️ Hand and Skin Protectant, you can regularly spray your horse's hooves and legs, providing long-term bio protection against bacteria that cause mud fever. With its long-lasting effect, you won't need to reapply it frequently, making it a cost-effective solution.

Moreover, MicroSURE™️ takes pride in being a green solution. Our product is designed with the utmost consideration for the environment, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. By choosing MicroSURE™️ Hand and Skin Protectant, you are not only safeguarding the health of your horse but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable equine industry.

Dedicated to Environmentally Conscious Protection:

MicroSURE™ vs Other Brands

In the battle against pathogens and bacteria, conventional disinfectants offer a short-term solution. While they work when initially applied and wet, they rapidly lose their potency, necessitating constant reapplications. This not only results in a time-consuming and costly process but also leads to a significant environmental footprint due to the frequent use of chemical-heavy products. Simply put, they fall short in providing enduring protection, both for your health and the environment.

Without MicroSURE

With MicroSURE

Enter MicroSURE™, a game-changer in the realm of bio protection. MicroSURE™ revolutionizes the way we protect our surfaces, hands, and skin, placing itself as the ultimate sustainable and effective choice. The moment it's applied, MicroSURE™ begins working to establish a long-lasting shield of protection. Its magic truly unfolds as it dries, forming a mechanically modified surface layer impervious to everyday cleaning. This resilient layer stays put week after week, month after month, providing persistent, proven defense against harmful pathogens and bacteria.

More importantly, MicroSURE™ is kind to our planet. Its advanced formulation reduces the need for frequent applications, curbing the environmental toll associated with traditional disinfectants. As a champion of green and sustainable solutions, MicroSURE™ ensures the safety of people, pets, and the environment. Make the switch to MicroSURE™ today, and join us in nurturing a healthier and more sustainable world.

How to Incorporate MicroSURE™ into Your Business

Getting started with MicroSURE™ is straightforward and convenient. We offer diverse options to ensure a seamless transition,
whether you're interested in service, Do-It-Yourself, Retail, or Wholesale.


Our team provides comprehensive assistance in incorporating MicroSURE™ products into your business operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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For those who prefer a hands-on approach, we offer products designed for easy, do-it-yourself applications, backed with clear instructions and ongoing support.

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If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, shopping our range online is a breeze. Our user-friendly platform allows for quick selection, purchase, and delivery of our products.

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Lastly, if you're in retail or wholesale and interested in stocking our products, we'd love to hear from you. Every individual and their equine partners deserve the protection offered by MicroSURE™. Let's work together to create a safer and greener future.

Introducing MicroSure™ Equine Protection: The Safeguard for Your Horses

MicroSure™️ recognizes the significance of safeguarding the well-being of your cherished equine companions. With this understanding, we have crafted a suite of innovative products perfect for the equine industry. Our advanced formulas and dedication to solutions that are friendly to people, pets, and the planet ensure that MicroSure™️ Equine Protection delivers comprehensive care for your horses, prioritizing their health and safety at all times.

MicroSURE™: Safe, Innovative, Cutting-Edge Protection Pioneered by Medical Experts

MicroSURE™ products are the brainchild of Dr. Erwin Lo, a renowned Neurosurgeon and our Founder, who has dedicated his extensive knowledge and expertise towards the development of advanced, safe, and effective solutions. At MicroSURE™, we take immense pride in our unified approach to bio protection

the same pioneering technology underpins all our products, ensuring consistent quality and effectiveness.
Our team of esteemed scientists and medical experts have collaborated to harness the unique power of microSURE™ technology, delivering a revolutionary range of products that stand at the cutting-edge of the field. With MicroSURE™, you're investing in a future of protection that's robust, innovative, and trusted by the professionals.

MicroSure™ Hand & Skin Protectant for Equine:

When it comes to safeguarding the health of your horses, MicroSure™ Hand & Skin Protectant for Equine is your ultimate solution.Designed to provide a protective barrier against a wide range of harmful pathogens, this advanced, chem-free formula keeps your hands and skin shielded.

With extended protection and a non-toxic, alcohol-free composition, it effectively guards against infection, ensuring the well-being of your equine companions.

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Product Safety Data Sheet for microSURE™ SP.

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MicroSure™ Surface Protectant for Equine:

MicroSure™ Surface Protectant for Equine is a game-changer in maintaining a clean and pathogen-free environment for your horses. This chem-free and non-toxic surface protection technology destroys bacteria and microorganisms that can cause diseases, including harmful pathogens.

With its advanced formula and extended protection, it offers peace of mind knowing that your equine's surroundings are safeguarded against infection. Choose MicroSure™ Surface Protectant for Equine to provide a safe and secure environment for your horses.

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You can download an electronic version of our product brochure here.

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Product Safety Data Sheet for microSURE™ SP.

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A summary overview of our extensive product testing and certification.

MicroSURE's Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer for Equine:

MicroSURE's Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer stands as your go-to solution for large-scale application of our Surface Protectant. Tailored for expansive areas such as stables, training facilities, and warehouses, it guarantees thorough coverage with less product, thanks to its electrostatic feature. This ensures a cost-effective, environment-friendly approach that aligns with our ethos of sustainability.

Versatile and robust, this sprayer is engineered with a high-speed brushless fan and an intelligent automatic water cleaning cycle system, ensuring optimal performance and easy maintenance. It comes with an LCD screen for real-time updates on working time and temperature, and a long battery life that allows 3.5 hours of continuous operation.

Introducing MicroSURE's Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer: Efficient, Effective, and Eco-friendly

Moreover, our sprayer also excels in applying our Hand and Skin Protectant on horses. The gentle, yet thorough coverage ensures your equine companions benefit from our advanced formula, providing them with essential protection without causing discomfort.

With MicroSURE's Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer, you get effective, long-lasting bio protection, and demonstrate your commitment to green, sustainable practices in your equine business.

MicroSure™ Equine Protection offers you a complete line of products that are ideally suited to the equine industry. Our hand and skin protectants,and surface protectants, are carefully designed to not only safeguard your horses but also consider the well-being of your staff and the environment. By opting for MicroSure™ Equine Protection, you're investing in comprehensive care and high-quality protection for your horses while also creating a safer, more sustainable environment for your team.

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MicroSure Surface Protectant (200ML Aerosol)

Spray on clean surfaces and let dry, No need to sanitise daily, saving time and money. Reapply every 30 days or earlier if needed,

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MicroSure Surface Protectant (5L Jug)

Spray on clean surfaces and let dry, No need to sanitise daily, saving time and money. Reapply every 30 days or earlier if needed,

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MicroSure Hand & Skin Protectant (60 ml)

The best way to safely protect you and everyone around you is to be MicroSURE That you & every surface you touch, Is MicroSURE Protected against 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.

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MicroSure Hand & Skin Protectant (5Litre)

The best way to safely protect you and everyone around you is to be MicroSURE That you & every surface you touch, Is MicroSURE Protected against 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.

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Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer

Electrostatic Spraying is especially suited for offices, schools, medical facilities, commercial kitchens & any space that requires sanitisation. This product is a new type of lithium battery ultra-low capacity sprayer.

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