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Let’s make sure your space is adequately disinfected. Beat the COVID-19 resilience. BemicroSure! Click Here

SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, needs a living host to survive and thrive. A CSIRO study looked at how to log the virus remained infectious on six joint surfaces.

The best way to safely protect you and those around you,

is to be MICROSURE,

that you and every surface you touch,
is MICROSURE protected…

Long term protection
If the World was MICROSURE'D,
you, your loved ones & 7.8 Billion people with you,

It Would be 99.9% protected from a wide range of pathogens, not only SARS-CoV-2.


Cotton less than 14 days
Glass | Steel | Vinyl | Paper & Polymer Banknotes at least 28 days


Cotton | Vinyl less 3 days
Glass | Steel | Polymer Banknotes 7 days
Paper Banknote 21 days


Cotton less than 16 days
Glass | Steel | Vinyl | Paper & Polymer Banknotes at least 24 hours
Vinyl 48 hrs

Micro Sure

Long Term Protection

Environmental Disinfection & Cleaning or Epidemic Prevention

Made to deal with effortlessly

Buildings | Public Places | Hospitals

ElectroStatic Sprayer
Cleaning Agent

We're not done!

6 to 8 hours of BIO protectionmicroSURE Hand & Skin Protectant

Clean space, clean hands, now your mind can truly rest. We are Making the World a safer place. Revolutionary Surface Protectant is now caring for your Hands & Skin!

microSURE Hand & Skin Protectant

When applied to your hands and skin, microSURE HSP provides barrier protection against many harmful pathogens, including SARS-Co-V2. The revolutionary new formula is completely free from toxic chemicals, free from alcohol, free from fragrance, and is also non-toxic. Plus, it provides proven ongoing bio protection for 6 to 8 hours. To extend protection, re-apply as needed.

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Now you can manage the Crisis! Irreplaceable Medical Equipment

Is there more than one way to do it?

You have to identify infectious people while simultaneously increasing the hospital capacities to take care of more patients & keeping the premises sterile. We work to help you improve your resources.

IMMUNITY Social Safety

Smart Thermometer Disinfection Tunnel

Intelligent thermometry disinfection is an integrated channel used for disinfecting the pet, luggage, goods, human body, and other things in the public entrance gate when an event occurs during an emergency of public health. It is pretty simple, spontaneous, safe, and precise to judge whether the body temperature is abnormal of a person or the wearing of masks.

All Reliable Sourcing

We source and supply High-Quality Products. Ask us for a quote.

We are identifying and harnessing direct contact with our leading suppliers, manufacturers, and brands. Contact us for more details.

A complete disinfection solution

Immunity Social Safety Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer

Evenly coat all types of surfaces for a complete round disinfection experience.

IMMUNITY Social Safety

Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer

The Immunity, social safety Electrostatic sprayer from MedCare PPE is the ideal tool for disinfecting your commercial property, school, warehouse, medical facility / Home, or any space that requires ultimate coverage. It allows for thorough disinfection of surfaces and objects when using microSURE surface protectant, which is proven to be effective in destroy SARS Co-V2, the virus responsible for COVID 19, and a wide range of other destructive microorganisms.

Second, you have to Protect your first lines.Certified PPE Equipment

Can you let everything come apart?

We work to help you provide your people with equipment that will protect them from infection.

You must make sure that the essentials keep working. No one person can do it all. Make sure the people, that have to come in contact with others are as safe as possible – on individual basis.

Microsure Surface Protectant (20L Jug)


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MicroSure Surface Protectant (200L Barrel)


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MicroSure Surface Protectant (1000L Tote)


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MicroSure Hand Sanitiser (60 ml)


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MicroSure Hand & Skin Protectant (60 ml)


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MicroSure Surface Protectant (200ML Aerosol)


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is everything.

Can you see your enemy?

Personal protection is effective only as long, as you use it properly & every time the situation calls for it. You want to ensure that your people have fully certified PPE equipment and that they can change it out as often, as the situation demands them to. We work to help you make sure your people are covered from every angle.

We source and supply High Quality Products: Efficiently & extremly Cost Effectively.

Done? Time to call ALL hands on deck.

Do you have enough people to cover every task?

Someone must make sure to keep everything clean. Someone needs to find you all the equipment you need and make sure it’s reliable and cost-effective. Someone has to get it to you & chances are, someone has to create packs and kits, so that your people can focus on their tasks while feeling & being safe. We are here to support you. Let yourself be in good hands.


Product Sourcing

Smooth import process from China.

At Medcare, we provide one of the best products sourcing and management solutions that a business will eventually need. We offer various services ranging from supplier evaluation to negotiation, inventory management, and supplier performance management. We can also help you manage the whole setup process starting from supplier accounts, controlling costs, and even allocating resources when required.

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Every Batman needs his Robin...

Heroes are like diamonds – scarece and tough to come by. Everyone expects from you & your team that you will navigate us through, what is by far, the first global health crisis. There are far more questions to answer and decisions to make than hours in the day.

Direct connections to owners of manufacturing companies & various important officials in governments give us the edge needed to cut out all the middlemen. This way we can get you the best possible pricing for your equipment without compromising the quality & speed. Our network of partners allow us to help you think for the ones you are responsible for & prepare various ration packs or kits with every piece of equipment they need for specific tasks. We can fully support you on the lines of product fulfillment – from administration systems, through warehousing, handling to shipping.


Let Us Also Take Care of Your Shipping

We will happily arrange to ship for you. Our direct contacts in China enable us to ship via air freight, sea, and even rail!

Shipping By Air Freight

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Shipping By Sea

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Shipping By Rail

Here is a bit of information on what we can provide when it comes to this shipping option.

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