The best way to safely protect you and those around you is to be MICROSURE,

Long Term Protection for surfaces & skin

that you and every surface you touch is MICROSURE protected.
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Microsure has created a

long-lasting bio protection

layer for surfaces & skin

Made to deal with effortlessly

Suitable for every surface in every space

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At MicroSURE™, we believe that being green and sustainable shouldn't mean compromising on efficacy. Our market-leading products offer an effective, cost-saving solution, moving away from the use of harmful chemicals on your horses and around your staff.

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Our innovative products are at the vanguard of the equine industry, providing revolutionary long-term bio protection that outperforms traditional, chemical-based alternatives. MicroSURE™️ works diligently, creating an environment hostile to harmful pathogens and bacteria while establishing a protective layer that remains active over a sustained period. It's not a temporary solution; instead, it's an enduring shield safeguarding the health and welfare of your horses.

Moreover, MicroSURE™️ products are designed with an eye on the broader implications. They significantly reduce the need for frequent applications, resulting in substantial cost savings over time. No longer do you need to resort to the daily use of harsh and toxic chemicals around your horses or your staff. Instead, you can trust in a solution that prioritizes health, safety, and economic efficiency, all while treading lightly on our planet.

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Air Pure Technology offers more than 12 years of experience and an all-in-one solution to purify, clean, and Sanitise the air in public and private indoor areas.

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On average, in the world today, we spend 90% of our time indoors, and that air indoors can be 50 times more contaminated than outdoor air.

‘Air Pure’ ensures that your indoor air quality is at optimum purity, which is vital for good health and disease prevention.

Air Pure Technology offers over 12 years of experience and an all-in-one solution to purify, clean, and Sanitise the air in public and private indoor areas.

We use and combine the best of 3 technologies in the air purification world.

10 Liter Electrostatic Sprayer

Evenly coat all types of surfaces for a complete round disinfection experience.

Why use an electrostatic Sprayer

When used with microsure surface sanitiser or surface protectant, you will achieve maximum coverage and long-term bio protection.

Quick and Easy to use

The most cost effective way to apply microsure on all surfaces

It Will cover every square inch and will reach places hard to reach.

It improves infection control and the spread of viruses.

A cleaner environment can offer long-term benefits such as cutting out costly medical expenses for treating contagious infections.

MedCare & PPE

Certified PPE Equipment

Our products help prvent the spread of bacteria & infections
We work to help you provide your people with equipment that will protect them from infection.

You must make sure that the essentials keep working. No one person can do it all. Make sure the people, that have to come in contact with others are as safe as possible – on an individual basis.

Microsure Hand Sanitiser
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MicroSure Hand Sanitiser

8 Hours Bio Protection

Change the way you sanitise and protect your hands & skin - No more harmful chemicals are needed to sanitise every day. One application will last you 8 hours.

When applied to your hands or skin, microSURE products create a long lasting protectant barrier which destroys a wide range of harmful bacteria including pathogens.

Approx 500 Sprays Per Bottle, Used every 8 hours, it will last months.

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MicroSure Surface Protectant

Long lasting & Chem-free Protection

Spray on clean surfaces and let dry, No need to sanitise daily, saving time and money. Reapply every 30 days or earlier if needed,

Microsure surface protectant is revolutionary; when sprayed onto any surface, it provides long-term bio protection against 99.9% of harmful bacteria and pathogens, simply clean the surface- apply microsure every 30/90 days, and you will never need to sanitise again with toxic chemicals.

Up To 90 days protection against 99.9% of bacteria
Microsure Surface Protectant

Microsure Hand & Skin Protectant
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MicroSure Hand & Skin Protectant

8 hours bio protection

This revolutionary planet-friendly microsure hand & skin protectant is entirely free from toxic chemicals, alcohol, fragrance; simply clean hands and skin, apply & enjoy 8 hours of protection against 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.

The best way to safely protect you and everyone around you is to be MicroSURE That you & every surface you touch, Is MicroSURE Protected against 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.

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MicroSure Surface Sanitiser

Up to 90 days bio protection

Imagine not having to sanitise hourly / daily with toxic chemicals that are not good for us or the planet. Well, now it has become a reality, everyone can enjoy it; the revolutionary microsure surface sanitiser can be applied to rigid & soft surfaces; when applied, it instantly sanitises and then provides up to 90 days of bio protection against 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.

Up To 90 days protection against 99.9% of bacteria
Microsure Surface Sanitiser

Tinto Face Mask
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Tinto - The Everyday Face Mask

Nano Technology & 90% biodegradable

Tinto masks are made from nano technology and come with a level A filter, which means no droplets in or out, Washable 100+ times, recycled yarn, ice silk layer for comfort, 90% biodegradable, can be worn by everyone for everyday use to protect against pollutants and bacteria.

TINTO - Protecting you and your family from viruses & everyday pollution

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Hope & Light Particle Filtering Half Mask (FFP2 )

50 Masks Per Box

The "Hope & Light Particle Filtering Half Mask" is an FFP2 (Filtering Face Piece) respirator designed to provide efficient protection against airborne particles. It is specifically engineered to filter out at least 94% of airborne particles, including dust, pollutants, and microorganisms, with a size of 0.3 microns or larger.

FFP2 Mask

FFP3 Mask
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H&L Respirator Mask (FFP3-N95 )

20 Masks Per Box

The H&L Respirator Mask is a high-performance personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide a high level of respiratory protection. It is classified as an FFP3-N95 mask, indicating its ability to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, including both solid and liquid particles. The mask is designed to form a secure seal around the nose and mouth, minimizing the risk of inhaling harmful substances.

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Tinto Face Mask Filter


Made from three combined layers that offer Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99% with excellent breathability. These filters are designed to fit the specific Tinto Face Mask and are totally glued and latex-free.

The Tinto Face Mask Filter is easy to use, lightweight, and breathable, ensuring comfort while maintaining optimum filtration capabilities. It is a reliable accessory for individuals seeking enhanced respiratory protection in various environments.

Tinto Face Mask Filter
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